About us

Our mission is to deeply embed in our clients’ hearts and minds that everything they say and do impacts the emotions of their customers.

About CCF

Who We Are

An independent, family-owned company that specialises in empowering businesses throughout the UK to provide outstanding customer service, we;

  • Have over 25 years of diverse customer service and learning and development experience
  • Live and breathe customer service
  • Are trusted by the UK’s leading brands
  • Stay ahead of the latest developments in customer service, behavioural science and neuro-linguistic programming to keep our programmes, game-changing
  • Work on changing a team’s mindset, first, and their behaviour, second
  • Ensure our programmes produce change and tangle results
  • Know how to win over teams who are not meeting customers’ expectations
  • Pride ourselves on reducing customer complaints and improving customer feedback
  • Will help you up your customer service game

Our Team

Meet the team

The reputation of our team means everything to us.  That’s why our Leaders went above and beyond to create a team who, not only talk the customer service talk, but also walk the customer service walk.  Our dynamic and highly experienced trainers have each gone through a rigorous recruitment and development process to ensure that they are experts in turning their passion for customer service and learning into tangible outcomes for our customers.


Beginning her career as law firm Receptionist helped Jade realise a core truth; customer service is the key to the growth and success of every business.  Armed with years of front-line customer service expertise, together with extensive sales and learning and development experience, Jade founded CCF Training 7 years ago and is on a mission to change the face of customer service across the UK.


Daniel’s experience lies in customer complaint management and customer satisfaction for some of the largest banks and financial regulators within the UK.  Daniel’s ability to deeply analyse customer service processes and procedures helps us to ensure that our interventions plug of all our clients’ service gaps.

Associate Trainer
Associate Trainer
For 20 years, Richard worked in-house for major organisations such as British Airways, The Dorchester Collection and Hilton Hotels, helping to deliver transformative, experiential learning programmes. Richard thrives on deeply understanding our clients’ teams to help them deliver ‘luxury service’.
Associate Trainer

Christine’s philosophy is that “Customer Service should be at the heart of everything we do”, and she has helped both private and public sector companies develop this mindset.  Christine has a particular interest in creating a culture of service amongst leaders, and improving the mental well-being of customer service teams.

Associate Trainer

Phill has over 25 years helping organisations achieve their customer service goals. Having been the global lead on the design and delivery of a customer experience programme for 20,000 staff, as well as being responsible for training UK-wide teams for a major comms provider, Phill’s experience take our programmes to the next level.

Associate Trainer

A highly qualified Trainer, Linda works both around the UK and internationally to equip teams to deliver exceptional customer service.  Linda’s ‘Train the Trainer’ expertise allow her to equip supervisors and managers with the skills they need to deliver our off-the-shelf courses internally to the highest standard.


How we work

What happens on your journey with us

Planning meeting

This is where we will establish the foundations for the success of your programme. You will meet your programme manager and your facilitator, and we will agree the key dates over your journey such as when we will deliver your programme, when we will begin discovery and when we will review the programme’s success.


Our world-class discovery process will allow us to understand your business and your people, inside out.  It will clarify what you want your customers to start feeling, seeing and hearing from your teams and will establish what training content you need.

High level design review

At this meeting, we will talk you through the outline of your training programme, including core content and the structure of the programme.   We welcome your feedback to ensure we create a programme that you believe in.

Detailed design review

Having designed the programme in full at this stage, we will take you through the learning activities and the programme branding to ensure the course, looks, sounds and feels like your own.

Programme delivery

Now it’s time for us to up your customer service game.  We deliver your bespoke programme and take your team on their transformation journey.

Success meeting

How did we do?  What’s changed?  What is your team doing differently?  What are your customers saying?  What next?  These are some of the key questions we ask you to establish the programme’s success.

Talk to us

We are here to help you improve your customer service.

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