Change Your
Customer Service Game

About Me
Jade Luke (Training Director)

I love getting teams to think bigger than any one specific word, sentence or interaction with their customers; that’s because I truly believe that Customer Service is a feeling, and motivating team members to create an entire emotional experience is what I do best! 

I absolutely love being in the training room and getting everyone involved in learning and doing. Even the most reserved delegates are having an immersive learning experience before they know it!  Just ask some of our clients; Harrods, Camelot and The Crown Prosecution Service; I’ve been responsible for re-engaging their teams and taking their customer service to another level.  How did I do this?  By becoming part of their world when working with them.  Learning all about my clients’ business, their teams, their customers and their challenges are just some of the things that help me to design training programmes that are truly transformative.

Over my 20-year career I have worked at all levels within customer service, from Receptionist up to Manager and everything in between.  It's this experience that gives me the edge it the training room – I know how to relate to what team members are going through when it comes to customer service challenges.

I don’t pretend that delivering excellent customer service is always easy, but I do help teams take charge and level up everything within their sphere of control to have more effective conversations, which will just so happen to also be 5*! 


MD and Head Trainer