Nothing kills your Customer Service faster than this!

DISAPPOINTMENT – 'sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfilment of one's hopes or expectations'.

Guess what? NOTHING kills your Customer Service reputation faster!

When was the last time you felt disappointed with the service you received? I recently felt disappointed when I called a well-known company for technical support with regards to our company website. Unusually, I had an EXCELLENT experience with their automated telephone service, the great points being:

  • There were very clear instructions as to which option was right for me and also had some humour thrown in

  • They explained their high customer service standards and how they would benefit me as an individual

  • They put me as the caller in control by giving me the option to wait with hold music or without

  • They provided me with the estimated wait time before my call would be answered and, in addition, they answered my call before that time

Sounds good, right?

When my call was finally answered, the call handler was professional and polite, asking me to confirm my name and my telephone number in case the call got disconnected.

I was so impressed! My expectations and hopes had been set high and I couldn’t wait to see how my query was going to be dealt with.

Then came the DISAPPOINTMENT. The call handler didn't seem to know what she was talking about and kept asking me to call back later to speak to someone else. In addition, I was put on hold CONSTANTLY and for unacceptably long periods. Then, I found myself being transferred to various other call handlers, each of whom had the same lack of knowledge. I felt as if I were a Squash ball, being bounced from pillar to post. Most annoyingly, I was having to re-explain my query each time which highlighted that there had been no communication between each member of staff. By the time the telephone call was over, my opinion of the company had completely CHANGED. I felt undervalued as a customer and as though my query was not worth a diligent response. Not only was I non the wiser as to how my query could be resolved, I was left feeling really disappointed as the experience did not live up to my EXPECTATIONS.

It's safe to say ALL that of your customers have hopes and expectations of the service they will receive from your business and, sometimes, these expectations are set before your team even speaks to that customer!

So what’s the moral of the story here? Your customer service better LIVE UP to your customers’ expectations! Many factors influence and form your customer’s expectations, one of these factors being your company's OWN promises of what your customers should expect. Are you lulling your customers into a false sense of security? Are you raising your customers’ expectations just to fall at the final hurdle? Your service has to be CONSISTENT from start to finish. Lack of consistency will leave your customers feeling that dreaded feeling of disappointment, breaking your customers' trust and ruining your company’s reputation. At Customer Care First, we specialise in showing companies how to create a consistently excellent customer service experience. Let us show you how!


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